If you haven't reviewed the steps on how to add a form, please start with the Add A Form article before reading below.

A sample client service agreement will be created in using the Easy Busy Pets forms builder. After completing the below steps, your pet owner will be able to view and fill out the service agreement.

Go to dashboard > clients & pets > forms, and add a new form for in the client section. For the purposes of this tutorial, let's title it as "Service Agreement":


Next, select the pull-down to the right of "Service Agreement" form, and choose edit fields:

There are a number of custom fields to choose from. These are documented in the Custom Fields article.

This agreement will include custom fields: Section, Check box, and Text to compose the document.

Click the "+" sign to add your first custom field:

Choose a Section type:

Then enter the title and description of your clause as illustrated below. After clicking "Save Field", this results in the following image where the field is defined as part of the form, in this case the first one.

Let's add a few more custom fields of the same Section type.

Custom fields in a form can be (1) deleted by clicking "-", (2) created by clicking "+", (3) updated, or (4) drag and drop throughout the form to their most appropriate placement.

Click the "+" sign to add the next custom field. Choose a checkbox type:

In this case, we did not enable any "Required" options: Therefore it's an optional field when a user is filling out the form.

Click "Save Field".

The new type of custom field will show up as illustrated below. 

We decided to enable the info card feature for this one custom field. If when signing this example service agreement, the pet owner checks the box, you will see this directly in the appointment itself for that pet owner, versus having to dig for that data entry in the form in the pet owner's profile.

Adding additional clauses to the Service agreement:

We will now add an eSignature. Click the "+" sign to add the next custom field. Choose a Text type:

Configuring a text box into an electronic signature typically involves the following numbered steps corresponding to the above image:

  1. Title - Set it to "eSignature" to indicate that this is something the user is agreeing to.
  2. Description - Will describe what they need to enter with their keyboard and what doing so involves. Best practice is to include "By entering my first and last name, I agree...". Please note that this is not legal advice and we encourage you to reach out to your legal for review and confirmation.
  3. Required for Clients - This form will be signed by a pet owner. When viewing this form, they will not be able to submit it without filling out the eSignature custom field.
  4. Preview - All custom fields show their preview, how they look in the form.

Click "Save Field".

We're done! Finalize this form by clicking "Save Field Order".

Here's a video of an example implementation: