Pet businesses have a baseline set of documents they need to digitize.

Although many businesses have forms with similar titles (ex. "Dog Sitting Service Agreement" or "Kennel Card"), the diversity of content (fields that are needing entry in any given form) is startling. Given each business has their unique needs in electronic forms implementation, and assuming no two pet businesses are the same, Easy Busy Pets implemented an electronic forms builder to tackle the challenge.

Start by selecting Dashboard > Clients > Forms:


Note: With every new account, Easy Busy Pets comes with two forms already in the system: The client and pet profiles.  


You can define documents for individual pets as well as their humans. For example, a veterinary release form usually belongs per pet, while a policy agreement form is usually something a client needs to fill out once, for all their pets, and would therefor be defined per client.

Below are some common documents our pet business clients have implemented in the field:

  • Pet owners filling out
    • Terms and conditions
    • Media or Veterinarian release
    • Service agreements per pet or family
    • Reviews 
    • Happiness Report
    • Other
  • Staff completing or updating
    • Training history
    • Kennel Card
    • Incident Report
    • Intake
    • Meet & Greet
    • Job Applications
    • Other
  • Prospective new clients filling out
    • Registration
    • Signup forms (ex. Email Newsletter)
    • Survey
    • Enquiry form
    • Contact
    • Other

To create a pet form, click the corresponding "+" button to the right of "Pet forms":

To create a client form, click the corresponding "+" button to the right of "Client forms":

Before you create the content of any form, Easy Busy Pets will walk you through defining high level properties:

  • Form name - The title of your digital form
  • One time submission - If enabled, then once filled out, the client cannot change this form again. This ensures the agreement they made with your business can be proven. If disabled, they can always make important updates to pertinent information on this form.
  • Visible - If unchecked, this form remains hidden until you attach it to the client that needs to fill it out.  This for scenario's where the form is rarely used and should only be attached (manually made visible) in special cases. 
  • Multiple submissions - Applies to the Easy Busy Pets website builder. This form can be an element in one or more of your website pages. 

  • Form is is required to book - If the form is a required one, clients wont be able to book without filling it out.

Required Forms

When a form is required, the pet owner will not be able to make a booking until they fill out the form details. Also, all required forms are set to visible by default, and the option to manually uncheck visibility is greyed out.

There will be warnings everywhere notifying the client about the "Missing Required Information".

Below are some examples of the pet owner user interface. A pet owner has four pets in the system. The first two pets are in good standing, while the latter two pets, Mauh and Murdoch are missing a Form (Ex. Intake form). 

Expired Forms

If a required form has expired, Easy Busy Pets treats the form as if it hasn't been filled out. Similar to the description of required forms above, it forces the pet owner to refill the details in order to proceed with any new bookings. Additional note: On making the updates, Easy Busy Pets will blank out the previous form entries for resubmission if you also checked the "one time submission" option.

If a non-required form has expired, there are automated reminders established so that users involved would get notified.

If a form is expiring during or anytime before the end date of a scheduled appointment, anyone (manager, worker, pet owner, etc.) viewing said appointment will see a warning:

Easy Busy Pets brings a number of expiry options to fit the needs of the pet care industry:

  • Expires on a specific date - Choose your expiration date. 30 days before the expiry, a notification will be sent to the user that filled out the form. On expiry, a required form will enforce pet owners to refresh their information before they can book.

  • Expires based on submission date - Choose a duration after the user submitting the form, at which time the form will expire. Two (2) additional convenient options include "End of that month." and "End of that year.". 

  • Expires based on field value - Explanation by example: Picture a vaccination form for Rabies, and you've added a date field into that form representing the expiry of the latest Rabies shot (note: see the article to customize a form to learn how to add fields to your forms). Now that this date is established in your form, you can refer to it to dictate when the overall form should be expiring. Moreover, any date field defined in your form can be referenced as the expiry date.

The 2nd pull-down includes two options: "Use value of date field" or "How many days after the date value". Both are referring to the selection in the 3rd pull-down menu. Using the example of this case, we took the liberty of editing the form to include two expiry dates for Rabies and Bordatella respectively, which automatically pop up as options, as illustrated below:

This concludes the high level settings of a form in Easy Busy Pets.

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