“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”
― Aristotle

Now that you added a page to your website, and have entered the edit mode for said page, you are ready to add a block.

How To Add a Block

When it's a brand new page, as illustrated below, left click into the body:

Pro Tip: All website pages have a header, body and footer. You can left click into the header or footer to create the same blocks. 

Note This block is a blank canvace where you will be able to add Sections and content within. 

Click "Save" in the top right to return to the previous level:

Now you have a page where there is an empty block in the body. 

Let's add 2 more blocks:


How to Manage a Block

At the top right corner of each block, you will find at least 7 icons to help you with your high level settings:

  1. Anchor - This generates an anchor link to the respective block, as discussed in the article on how to make links from your website page article.
  2. Drag & Drop - Multi-step drag your block until it's at the place you wish it to be. Left-click-hold down on this icon and you will find that you can move the block around.
  3. Move Up - Move the block's position one space up when you left-click this icon.
  4. Move Down - Move the block's position one space down when you left-click this icon.
  5. Add a Block Below - If you want to save some time adding a block at the bottom (as described in the previous section) and moving it to the right space, simply click the "+" and a new block will be added adjacent below.
  6. Delete - Removes the block.
  7. Edit the block - does the same thing as if you simply left-clicked into the block that you wish to make changes to.

Here's a quick video summarizing the above: