Adding a product is very similar to adding a Service. You need to define your products before clients can buy your products.

Enter your Services page, and create an appropriate Category to house your products (ex. "Shop", "Products", "Grooming Products", "Leashes", "Dog Food", etc.).

Left click into your category, and click "+" to add a product.



Product is the last option on the list, which is the focus of this article.

The final stage is to define the operating parameters and settings of your new product:


  1. Image - Photo of product to be uploaded here.
  2. Name - The title of your product.
  3. Price - The pre-tax price of your product.
  4. Description - This is a great opportunity to define.
  5. This product is an add on - Can only add this product as part of a service appointment.
  6. Price based on quantity - On rare occasions, businesses turn this option off for a flat rate regardless of the number of said product are added to the bill in question.
  7. Special rate - Different prices for additional pets when the product is applied to each pet within one family in one appointment.
  8. Allow item to be added to cart - If turned off, the client will not be able to add it to their cart as illustrated in the example dog food product below. Client will see a greyed out "+ Add to cart". Note, that management will still able to add it on the client's behalf.
  9. Allow tipping - If disabled, and product is part of a bill that was given a tip by your pet owner client, the proportion of that tip that would have otherwise been assigned to the respective worker will be left to the business.  Learn more about tips from the Tips Reports article.
  10. Tax - If a tax should be charged for the product, define one here, or source one of your previously defined taxes from the pull-down.
  11. Display Options - Option to completely hide the product from your client and/or you and your staff members.
  12. Sorting order - Use numbers (integers) like 1, 2, 3, etc. to assign the order of your product. In the image above with Dog Food and T-Shirt, you can use the sorting order to reposition them such that T-Shirt is 1st (set it to 1) and Dog Food 2nd (set it to 2). 

Next, learn the various methods on how to offer your product for purchase in the Add To Cart article.