With Easy Busy Pets, you can log into several accounts using the same email. If you are the business owner, you will start with a manager's account. Your pet owner customers start with a pet owner account. There is no reason why you can't also be a pet owner of your own business, and in the below article, we provide instructions on how to accomplish this.

Login to your account:

  1. Select the Clients page.
  2. Click on "Invite a client" button.
  3. Name your test pet owner whatever you like. It's not a real user.
  4. Here you must enter the exact email used to login to your account with Easy Busy Pets. You can recall your email used to login by visiting dashboard > my account. 
  5. Click the Invite button
  6. System will redirect you to your messaging window. Click Accept.
  7. From now on, you can switch between you as a manager, or you as a pet owner. 

Updating any settings that impact the pet owner experience should always be followed by a switch over to the pet owner view to see how it looks.

Note: Keep track of which account you are in. Switch back to your main managers account by pulling down and selecting "manager" once you are done testing your configuration settings.