It is recommended that the reader reviews Add A Form and Add A Client Form articles before continuing on below.d

When an appointment is being booked, the user experience has several Sections including when, where, which pet(s), which service(s) and more as illustrated below:

You can make changes to this structure and add all sorts of content such as custom fields that retain information from the person initiating the booking; Such information may be useful when running the appointment. 

After heading over to the appointment forms management, you will see a list of all your service categories:

Each category has services defined.

When clicking on a category in the above list, you will be directed to an update mode of the service booking experience:

  1. Start location - A custom field that can be updated with a new title (ex. "My home address", "Main facility location", etc.), have a default entry or be hardcoded (ex. 123 Grooming Salon Parkway). For example, you can set this to your facility address if the service only happens there. 
  2. End location - Useful for transport services (from and to destinations), this field is usually hidden or deleted if it doesn't apply.
  3. Add a custom field - Learn more about the custom fields you can add to your booking flow here.
  4. Example custom field - With over 12 types of custom fields to choose from, the example below illustrates a check box titled "Deposit Policy". It was configured in such a way that the pet owner cannot move forward without checking it.