To add a reminder rule, login as the manager and go to dashboard, then select schedule:

Then select reminders to show the window where you can configure your appointment reminders. The main window might already have a list of default reminders. These will apply to every appointment booked in your instance of Easy Busy Pets. 

Pro Tip: Don't want every appointment to have a particular reminder default? You can set custom appointment reminders in the appointments themselves. Managers get the option when they update or create an appointment. 

Next, click "Add rule":

Next select on which user role involved in an appointment should receive a reminder. With Easy Busy Pets, you can program rules for managers and staff in addition to your pet owner clients!

Once you chose the role, select what sort of action you'd like to have for any appointment scheduled:

  • Before appointment: An email to go out to the user
  • Before appointment (mobile): An text message (SMS) to go out to the user. Also, for this reminder type to work, you will need to follow the steps in the Enable Text Messaging article.
  • Daily Agenda: A listing of your daily appointments (applies to workers and managers)

Depending on the option you choose, the next step can be a simple duration selection (ex. 6 min, 1 hour, 1 day, 2 nights, etc.) to tell the system just how much time before the appointment  is scheduled to start that an automated notification should be released.

You can configure the content of your text messaging (SMS) schedule reminder. Choose "Before appointment (mobile)" and a new dialogue shows as illustrated below.

  1. Select the reminder time before the appointment is scheduled. For example, set it to 15 minutes, and if the appointment starts at 2 pm, a text messaging reminder would go out at 1:45 pm to the client.
  2. You are in control of your reminder notification content. It can include parameters that are appointment specific. For example, if you want all the appointments to send out messages that include the pet name, you would write up your note and include [pet_names] instead of the actual pet name. When this rule triggers for a specific appointment, Easy Busy Pets will replace [pet_names] with the actual pet name of the pet in that appointment.
  3. Your message can include up to 144 characters. The best practice is to keep it short and succinct.

Click "add" to commit this reminder business rule to your list:

Below we illustrate an example of what an SMS text messaging appointment might look like, corresponding to the previous example.

An SMS text message appointment reminder arrives on the client's phone. All the parameters are updated with the real-time values:

  1. "Hugo-Golden Retriever" replaces [pet_names]
  2. "35 Minute Dog Walk" replaces [appt_title]
  3. "Nov 29 @ 7:45 pm" replaces [appt_date]