Once you arrive at your invoice, you might want to add a few extra items.

Within each row of your invoice, there is an option to the right side to add additional row's as illustrated below:

This adds a blank row that you can in turn add something to charge for manually:

The Easy Busy Pets system has an index of every single service, add-on, product, package and membership that you have previously defined. These can be sourced as an alternative to a manual entry. The Item definition doubles as a search box from those aforementioned items. So starting to type the title of the item will result in a search selection as illustrated when you are trying to add a:

Service to an invoice

Note: It is not recommended to add services (manually) in this way. Appointments will show up on your bill automatically for the dates you selected as long as you have them booked in your schedule. Adding a service in this way does not associate it with a twin appointment that was booked with the same parameters on your schedule. 

Package to an invoice

Membership to an invoice

When you add a membership, it has a couple of extra steps to allow you to confirm which pets the charges will commence. The following step will not show up if the membership is set to charge one fee for the entire family.

Pro Tip: Memberships are usually set to auto-renew. Adding an auto-renewing membership to a bill will kickstart the automation. Do not add it again on the next bill as it will renew and send a bill out on its own.


All prices that get populated might also be unique to the pet owner for which this bill is being generated. For example, a 30 Minute Dog Walk might have a per-diem price setting of $20, however the client special pricing might be set to $15 as illustrated in the image above.