After you've added your element or widget into a block, it's time to add your content. To add a text element, left click on:



Using the sample block illustrated above, adding a text will result in the following:

When filling out your text into the text widget, options appear to manage the content similar to any standard word processor. 

Important: Updating the format only gets applied to the characters that you highlight with your mouse.



By selecting part or all of the characters you typed out in the text box (ex. "ello" from Hello World), here's what happens to your selection when when clicking on the button:

  1. Left / Center / Right Justify 
  2. Font color 
  3. Bold  
  4. Italic 
  5. Underline 
  6. Font size
  7. Font style
  8. Make it a bullet point list
  9. Add a text shadow
  10. Change text line height and spacing between characters


The option to make the text into a link is also available as circled below:

Learn more about these settings in our article on how to add links to a website.

Example: Here we describe a text element with an email somewhere on your website page. Then make it so that if a user clicks on it, their client / app appears with the email destination automatically filled out, to save them time in trying to contact you through email.