Every pet care business needs to manage their clients! In this article, we will review the steps for adding a client to Easy Busy Pets!

Adding clients doesn't mean they have to have a login, although that is our suggested best practice. Easy Busy Pets allows for scenarios where the client and pet profiles are created and managed by the business. If however, a client is to access your services online (eg, online booking or making a payment), then they also need to be invited, the result of which they get access to your pet owner portal with a secure login. 

This basic information can include the client's name, email address, and phone number. With custom forms and fields, it usually ends up collecting quite a bit more details depending on the pet care application.

Step 1: To add a client, first, select the "Clients" tab on the navigation menu bar. 


Step 2: There are a number of scenarios for which we offer two best practices:

  • Fastest option being "Invite a client", you can let the system take on the onboarding of your new client. All that's needed to kickstart the process is a name and email. Note that this kickstarts the same process as if the client visited your website and clicked sign up on their own. Clients receive your custom Welcome Email. The Welcome Email is an automated email sent to your client that provides them the information they need to activate their client account with you.

  • Choosing "+ Add new client" is ideal when you can't invite a customer electronically (i.e. they don't have an email) or if you'd like to pre-fill some of the information for them.

When adding a client, you can also select whether or not you want to send the Client a Welcome Email at this point. You can always uncheck this box and send the Welcome Email at a later point. If you don't have their email or do not wish to send them an invite, uncheck "send invite", and it will allow you to move forward in creating their profile.

Pro Tip: To quickly test any settings that impact the client experience, implement the steps provided in the Add a Test Client article.

Pro Tip: Before onboarding real clients, it's best to settle on what information they have to fill out. This you can learn more about in the Add a Form article.