This article continues from the Adding A Service post, with a focus on pet sitters and dog walkers.

Once you enter your category into Easy Busy Pets, it's going to ask you which service you'd like to create. Go ahead and select "Daycare and Sitting":

Selecting this option will direct the system to create a service that respects the needs of the daycare and pet sitting industry from an operational standpoint: Schedule, invoice, display, staff management and payroll rules unique to your business.

In the following, we will describe all the salient settings and finish with the pet owner booking experience to demonstrate the effect of those settings.


  • Image - Images need to be 900px by 512px to fit nicely.
  • Category - Is a setting where you can update the category this service belongs to. If you accidentally created a dog walking service in the pet sitting category, that's ok! Just switch it using the pull-down menu. 
  • Name - The title of the service. Here's where you provide enough detail for the title of your appointment to stand out. For example, "30 Minute Visit" or "15 Min Puppy Visit", versus just "Visit".
  • Block Staff Availability - When enabled, pet owner will not see an option to book a staff member who's either busy with another service at the time in question, or happens to be away on holiday. 

Important Note: Ensure all your staff are setup with their calendar availabilities and special dates (ex. holidays). Please refer to the Staff Schedule Availability article for those directions.

  • Pet Capacity - Choose to limit how many pets can be added to the appointment. Set to 0 or empty if unlimited.
  • Client Capacity - One family can have one or more pets. This entry limits how many families can participate in this group appointment. 


Absolutely critical to the pet owner booking experience, spend some extra time learning the ins and outs of customizing the scheduling of each and every service you offer.

  • Show Repeating options when booking - Not all services should have options for multiple dates. This is a handy tool to reduce the amount of options the pet owner gets in those situations.
  • Ignore availability - Allows pet owner to book you at times when you're busy!
  • Start time - Radio button initialized to "Same as business settings" which is the your default business hours. It is recommended to customize your booking times by selecting radio button "Custom booking times for this service." 

Pet owners need to see your time options. But you can decide what specific options they see.

When deciding on what time options are available you can display options like "9:00 am" with duration 30 minutes. Alternatively, a time label can be shown like "9:00 am - 9:30 am" or "Morning 9 - 9:30 AM" instead. These can be achieved by first selecting one of two radio buttons "Start times" or "Time labels". 

  • Start times - You can set specific start times that this service should be made available for each day of the week (ex. 9:00 am). Learn more about the start time functionality here.
  • Time labels - Set ranges (ex. "11 am - 12:30 pm" or "Mid-day 11 a - 12:30 p"). This is often used as an alternative to the traditional start time options to account for varying travel times, acclimate weather or to manage the client expectations on arrival times. Learn more about the time labels functionality here.
  • Duration - In combination with the start time or time label settings, indicates how long this service should run in days, hours and minutes after you check-in to your appointment.


On booking a service, your pet owner will notice a price estimate calculating how much the appointment will cost them. For pet sitters and dog walkers, it can be based on a number of factors:

  • Price - The rate you charge for the first pet.
  • Price based on quantity - Easy Busy Pets also supports automated extra pet fees. These are fees that are automatically added to your client's invoice when multiple pets are selected.
  • Add a price rule for additional pets - When you need to specialize the extra pricing to each additional pet added, click this button to expand those settings. Check out our help article on Extra Pet Fees for more info.

  • Fixed vs Time - Sometimes you might stay with a pup an extra few minutes or leave a little early. "Fixed" means that the payment calculation will ignore those extra minutes. However, "Time" accounts the duration that you were on site (requires you to check-in and check-out of the appointment) and the final invoice will calculate the final price = [Price / Scheduled Duration] x Actual Duration. 
  • Allow Tipping - You can choose if this service should ask your pet owner's for a tip at the time of booking.
  • Tax - Not ever state needs a tax. For those that do, each service can be assigned a unique tax. Also, you can define multiple taxations with Easy Busy Pets. Learn more in our Sales Tax article.

Display Options and Staff

  • Who can see this - Creating a service doesn't necessarily mean it's ready for public viewing, yet. Control who can book this service with the checkboxes provided.
  • Staff - When you create a service, you must also define which members of your Team are capable of running it. For example: Picture a business that offers both dog walking and grooming services. When defining a grooming service for that business, one shouldn't be assigning the dog walkers because they are in the field walking pets at peoples homes! 


Aside from hourly time sheets, the payroll option is an excellent way to keep track of payouts by worker. Refer to articles Configure Payroll and Payroll Reports for additional details. 

Finally, click "Update" to complete your settings!