Adding a service is straightforward in Easy Busy Pets!

In this help article, we will review the steps to add a service to your account.

Click on the "Services" Page on your navigation menu, and select the button "+Add a category":

Categories allow us to compartmentalize (or silo) our pet care services into buckets. These can be by type of pet care (ex. boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, kennel runs, grooming, mobile transport, etc.), or it can be by area (ex. by zip code, or Section of a city allotted to a franchisee).  




  • Category name - The name of your category can be anything. It is also used in calendar view to filter appointments by their category, so choose your name wisely. That said, you can always update these changes.
  • Description - Used to summarize all the services to be defined within this category.
  • Allow tipping for services in this category - Default all services to be defined within this category to allow tipping.
  • Who can view this category - If you uncheck the "Clients" checkbox, then the category will be invisible to pet owners, and consequently all the services defined within.

Up till now, we've defined categories like "Pet Sitting", but we haven't defined specific services like "Overnight (In Your Home)" or "Visit". Next, we enter the category to define those services:

Easy Busy Pets is a professional pet care software servicing the entire industry. We support Grooming, Daycare, Sitting, Boarding, Kennel, Runs, Classes, Training, Groups, Dog Walking and Pet Products!

In the pet care industry, we divided service creation options as illustrated above because the settings, user experience, and processes are very different between boarding and sitting. Please choose the next article that better matches your business offering:

We've also put together a short video showing you how to add a service: