Automate invoicing by adding Auto Invoicing rules. To start, either go to Invoices > Smart Invoice > Auto invoice


or you could also go to Invoices > Payment Settings > Auto Invoicing.

Click on 'Add a rule' to add an auto-invoicing rule.


You can now set the frequency - weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.


Click Next to choose which Services this rule applies to


Next you have the option to apply this rule to:

1. All clients, including new clients who sign up. You can Exclude specific clients by searching for them under 'Clients'.


2. Specific clients only. You can choose whether to automatically add new Clients to this rule or not.


Next, select the Action. You have 3 options:

1. create Invoices.

2. Create and send the Invoice to client.

3. Create invoices and charge the default payment method (credit card) on file.


Go to Invoices > Smart Invoices > Auto Invoice to see the list of rules you created


Click the rule drop-down to see what options you have.

You can Pause a rule, which means it will not be scheduled to run.

You can also 'Run now', which means the rule will be run right away.


To view the history of what happened go to Invoices > Smart Invoices > Auto Invoice and click on 'History'


History section will list all automated Invoicing, including scheduled Rules as well as clicking on Smart Invoicing.