Automated Customer Reviews In Action

After you setup your customer reviews settings, it will run on automatic and behind the scenes. You will start to see a growing list of fantastic reviews and your clients will experience the following.

As soon as the pet service is checked-out of or completed:

Pet Owner Client Leaves a Good Review

  1. Pet owner receives a notification that they can click, and 
  2. Towards the bottom of the screen is a review request message with two options. If the pet owner client was happy with your service, they select "Yes", which
  3. Redirects the pet owner client to your Easy Busy Pets website with the options to select a star rating and add a positive commentary. If you configured your Reviews feature settings to include other sites like Google and Facebook, options to give a client review at those paths would also be made available at this point.

If the reviews system by Easy Busy Pets is set to auto-approve, your Reviews widget will automatically show the new review on your website! Based on the sample review submitted by the pet owner client above, here's an example of what your prospective clients might see:

Pet Owner Client Leaves Their Feedback

When a pet owner client feels uncomfortable leaving a starred review, and instead prefers to add some feedback:

  1. Pet owner client clicks "No" if they wish to leave feedback.
  2. Pet owner fills out their feedback (good or bad) and clicks submit. This results in an entry in the list of reviews that is internal, not public.

Manager Gets to See and Manage the Review

  1. Management always gets notified about a review. Click your notifications to manage any new review.
  2. To see a list of all your reviews, go to Dashboard > Marketing > Reviews.
  3. The eye icon - is a toggle for the ability for the public to see this review.
  4. The calendar icon - a shortcut to the appointment for which this review is referring to. It's a way to demonstrate that your review is from a real customer of your pet business. Given you can add documentation in an appointment using Easy Busy Pets, it can help you get better insight about what you did well to get such a great review!

Keynote video for Automated Customer Reviews