Website Builder

Now, get a website that keeps your clients in one place by including additional points of interaction (like booking, buying, payments, etc.), you get the full benefit of an integrated website.

Hosting is free and included with your Easy Busy Pets account. This optional feature results in a superior customer experience. Now get your pet owners, staff and prospective clients to your website and ensure they do not leave to some external software when they need to book, or review their history or any other operational activity. This can result in better search ranking and a more cohesive online experience! 

See our website portfolio. Our pet business clients built it themselves using the Easy Busy Pets website builder.

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Social Marketing

Snap a photo and get advertised thanks to your pet owner's social network. A social organic marketing (SOM) feature is free and included with your Easy Busy Pets account. See our social organic marketing article on how to get started.

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Get automated customer reviews. Easily grow your business. Our years of experience in the pet industry has led us to build our own version of reputation management, specific to pet businesses. This feature doesn't work standalone: Instead it is closely tied with operations:

  • Review requests are automated based on your schedule, so they are sent at the best time.
  • Customers are verified in real-time to avoid those pesky fake reviews.
  • Sentiment analysis is used to identify happy and unhappy customers.
  • Optimized Reviews widget that works for Search Engine Optimization and super fast loading!

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A blog used to just be a blog. It was a place to express yourself, your thoughts and ideas that a select list of people would appreciate for what it was. In many cases people would discuss some personal details of their life to share with their loved ones. Such activities have slowly, but surely migrated over to social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

So why do marketers continue to create new blogs? Why are there 400+ million blogs on the internet (an all time high)? Because there are consumers of this content. According to a study by Hubspot, it might be "To learn how to do something new," "To be entertained," "To learn more about products or brands," and "To learn about news and trends in my job industry." And you can't always get this from a quick social post.  

And because people want to read blogs, Google and other search engines have no choice but to rank them! Voila, the need to have blogs on your website, at least if you are looking to compete in organic search engine rankings.

>> A new blog feature is going to be released March 20th. Please return to this article to see the details. We are very excited!!