After you choose to invoice a client, and create an invoice for that client, it's time to get paid.

Pet owners will see your bills and can choose to pay it on their side. This article is focused on the tools at the manager's disposal to charge the client on their behalf. If a bill is created but remains unpaid, it will show as follows:

  1. Each line item in a created bill that is a service also links to the appointment in your calendar. This is a useful way of tracking what exact event resulted in this charge. Not all line items can have an appointment attached. For example, products, packages and memberships are not associated with an entry on your calendar. Any manual entries will also result in no such linkage.
  2. Add internal notes to your bill. You can choose to keep it private (no staff members can view).
  3. Pay the bill with a credit card or bank transfer (ACH). 
    • Payment amount - The amount to charge, modifiable to a partial payment amount. 
    • Leave a tip - The custom $ amount or % your client has instructed you to charge their payment method.
    • Select a payment method - This is the credit card or bank account your client has instructed you to use in charging their bill. If no credit cards are showing, you get an option to add one which can be reused in the future. Also, you can add more payment methods (MC, VISA, AMEX, ACH, etc.) in the respective client's profile.Pro Tip: Partial payments can apply here. This doesn't have to be the total! Choose a partial amount and the bill will update to the remaining that is owed. 
  4. Action 
    • Mark as paid - Payment by cash, check or external payment system? Use this option to confirm the amount similar to step 3 above to retire the amount owing that has been paid by this payment method.
    • Mark as uncollectable - Use this to retire a payment (partial or total) that you couldn't recover from the client (ex. They disappeared before you could get their payment). Also refer to deposits feature if you are experiencing a lot of situations where you couldn't collect payment.