The navigation menu is a staple to any website. Easy Busy Pets comes with a management tool where you can visually drag and drop the left-right location of each page link in your navigation menu. 

Before you begin, add links to your navigation by adding at least one website page. Learn more from the Add a Website Page article. Then:

Go to dashboard > Website > Navigation menu:

The links in your menu correspond to the listed items in the main window as illustrated below. 

You can drag and drop the listed items in the main window vertically, and you will see the menu items shift accordingly in the navigation. For example, let us switch the position of "Home" with "Book Now":


At the bottom of the navigation configuration page, you will see some additional controls involving the navigation menu:

An Easy Busy Pets website is also compatible with mobile and smaller screen devices. When viewed from mobile, you have the option of choosing the menu to collapse into a pull-down versus having all the links showing as illustrated below. Also, your website will have off-the-shelf links for client signup and login which you can turn off (and design your own).