Managers of the business get access to a dashboard to customize the operations, marketing and sales features of the business on Easy Busy Pets. Clicking the home icon at the top corner results in the following dashboard:

Clicking on one of the above nine (9) options opens up a context of controls to better configure how Easy Busy Pets will run for your unique pet business. Below is a high level description of what you will see.

1. Clients

Forms - Implement all your digital forms for pets and their humans here. Establish controls for what information is collected, who is allowed to view it and whether it is mandatory or optional. 

Onboarding - A list of options on how clients onboard with your services online. For example, you can choose whether or not to allow clients to sign up.

Notification settings - Options to enable / disable various notifications that go out to the client. These are focused on the different stages of an appointment.

2. Staff

View staff - List of all your staff with options to manage. Here you can add new members to your Team and download an export of staff related data (ex. their contact details, date added, etc.).

Payroll - Get a real-time payroll report for any date range. This is generated based on how you configure payroll for a service or timesheet.

Tips - Get a real-time gratuity report for any date range. Option to add a tip is presented to a pet owner when they receive an invoice, or the worker running the bill added it on client request. Gratuities can be turned on or off per service.

Notifications - A list of options on what operational notifications should be sent out to individual staff members. 

Permissions - Used to scale your business by automating the controls for each of your workers. With over 50 permissions, you can lock down how each worker interacts with scheduling, invoicing, billing, and managing pets, clients and other workers.

Forms - Similar to adding client and pet forms, one can add digital documentation for each of your staff members with various controls. Example implementations include online job applications, staff bio, and performance history.

3. Messages

This is an aggregated log of communications in and out of your pet business online. It includes the categories:

Notifications - The messages you receive as the manager of the business.

Invites - Pending, expired or accepted invitations for pet owners to sign up to your business. Options to manage are included.

Requests - If a client makes an online booking request, it will be logged here with options to manage. That is in addition to the requests popping up on your calendar and notifications being received about such requests via email and SMS.

Bounced list - A list of emails to which Easy Busy Pets has failed to deliver a message or notification. The original message is said to have "bounced". You can remove emails from your bounced list here when the destination email has been fixed (ex. spelling errors, etc.)

Emails sent - A log of all emails sent out that originated from your Easy Busy Pets account.

4. Services

Turn off the ability for the public to access your services, packages and / or memberships. 

Appointment forms - Any booking can be customized here.