Pet businesses need to face an undeniable fact that the more bookings you get, the more cancellations and no-shows you will experience without a mitigation strategy in place. Regardless of the reason behind those no-shows and cancellations, it hugely impacts your revenue with the loss of booking opportunities.

Collect a deposit on a confirmed booking

The most frequently used means to reduce booking cancellations and no-shows is to collect a deposit. While your client is making the booking with you online, you can simply ask for a minimal deposit amount as part of the appointment booking (a withdrawal on their credit card) on your confirming their booking request.

Since he's already paid some amount, the pet owner will think twice before cancelling the booking or booking with another pet services provider.

But how to actually run a card or charge their bank account for this deposit? Here are you steps:

  1. View any appointment that is booked (grey color), in-progress (blue) or completed (green).
  2. Charge the client:
    1. Select the "Invoice" button or
    2. Credit card icon next to each of the pet owner's name. In a group appointment (i.e. a puppy class), the credit card icon appears next to each pet owner's name
  3. Create the invoice. Client doesn't get charged yet. 
    1. Uncheck the "Send this invoice". You will want to charge the deposit on your side, otherwise there's no certainty they will pay it on theirs.
    2. Click "Create Invoice"
  4. On creation of the bill, Easy Busy Pets will present you with options on how to get paid. Click "Pay", and update the total to your preferred partial payment. For example, if the total price for the service is $80, a policy of 50% deposit means you update the payment amount to $40. The resulting bill shows the outstanding amount yet to be fulfilled:
  5. The bill is attached to your appointment:
  6. On completion of the job, update the invoice and charge the outstanding amount. 


Note: You can perform any number of partial payments, at any stage of an accepted appointment.