Note: We wrote a blog article about the importance of getting reviews (the right way) here . It is highly recommended that you ask for a review of your business at the right time, and frequently.

Setup Automated Customer Reviews

Your dashboard has an entire section dedicated to marketing. Go to Marketing > Reviews > Settings:


Select "Enable collecting reviews on your website."

Enabling the feature results in the following options to surface:

  1. A baseline for any reviews app is to provide a reviews submission (landing) page with a unique online link. You can use this link if you wish to request for reviews manually with selected customers. Learn more about how to work with this link in our Reviews Submission Page article. Continue to the next step if you are looking to automate your reviews.
  2. Auto approve reviews - Easy Busy Pets can automatically accept all reviews that come through from pet owners, and automatically post them on your website. It is a best practice to enable this feature, because you are still in full control of which reviews you wish to keep listed. That is, if you find that some aren't high enough in star ratings (ex. you might prefer to only show the 5 star reviews), you can always go into your settings and hide the unwanted ones. If this feature is disabled, then every time you receive a notification that a new review comes along, you will need enter your dashboard > reviews, and update it's visibility to public for everyone to see it.
  3. Add Rule - Business rules are in place to ask for a review automatically. With Easy Busy Pets, your clients can be asked for a review automatically, and it is highly recommended that you at least turn on a business rule to automatically ask a client on check-out or appointment completion for a review.
  4. Reviews sites - You can define any number of external reviews listings. For example, both Facebook and Google offer a reviews link that you can add in Easy Busy Pets. This way, your pet owner will have a variety of options of where to go to give you a review.
  5. Services - Toggle which Service(s) should be asking for a review at check-out (or the rule you put in place)

Want to get customers to leave reviews without you needing to lift a finger?

  1. Get familiarized with the Automating Customer Reviews
  2. Add Reviews to your website.
  3. Get your list to also source reviews from Facebook.