Text messaging is a channel to communicate appointment reminders, confirmation of reminders, other notifications and communications. All are optional.

To startup this feature:

  1. You'll be given an option to select a phone number that makes sense to you (usually your area). That number will be seen by clients as the "From number" when they get text messages (SMS) from your business. The remainder of this article describes that process.
  2. After enabling text messages, you will need to give permissions to one or more of your staff to send text messages (SMS) or images (MMS). 

Start by going to your dashboard and selecting Text Messaging:

Next Enable Text messaging:

Next, you get to choose your business phone number for text messaging. 

Option 1: By looking for a specific number or partial number:

Option 2: By location:

Pro Tip: In the text box under "By location", enter your city name (ex. "San Diego") before you click search.

Click Search, and Easy Busy Pets returns phone number options you can choose from:

Important Note: If you don't use your phone number to send / receive text messages, said phone number will be deactivated. Specifically, at least 3 text messages per month need to be sent out to keep your number.

Purchasing Text Messaging Credits

Once you've established your phone number (above), you need to purchase a pool of credits as there is a cost incurred when sending out text messages (SMS) to users from Easy Busy Pets: Texts are 1 credit per message and multimedia messages (MMS) 2. An MMS would be a photo that can be texted to the client by staff / manager (like an appointment update). 

  1. Click "Buy now" button corresponding to the package of credits that you feel fits your needs. These credits do not expire:
  2. Enable the option to auto-reload your pool of text messaging credits, so that if you run out unexpectedly, the system will add more credits to your pool without you needing to come back to this window. Clicking on the button opens a dialogue asking for the conditions under which you'd like the system to reload (ex. once you reach below 3 credits, to reload 1000 more credits).

Client Mobile Number For Receiving Text Messages

One can define a specific phone number for a client that should be receiving text messages from your business. If your pet owner client hasn't done so already using their Easy Busy Pets portal, or if they don't wish to have a login, you can go ahead and add the phone number in their profile on their behalf.

View and update a client's profile:

Finally, make sure the appropriate phone number is listed under "Mobile Contact". 


Regions Supported: Text messaging (SMS) is available in North America. Specifically Canada and the United States. If you would like your country supported, please reach out to us.

Text Reminders

Among the many methods of text communication, you still need to enable and define the kinds of reminders you wish to send out before the texts are sent. Refer to the Add An Appointment Reminder article to learn more.