With your website address hosted on Easy Busy Pets, you are able to configure www.yourdomain.com to house your software sot that users never leave your website to a subdomain. This brings many benefits: Increased time spent by anyone on your website increases (great for your SEO), and customer experience is ubiquitous.

Parts of a website

  1. Your website address, also known as a domain. This is registered with your favorite domain registrar. 
  2. Your content including text, pictures, media, and more. The content is represented by code and is "hosted" somewhere. It could be with your registrar, or a completely different provider. 

Before you setup your website address, you will need to build your own website with the Easy Busy Pets website builder, and you can learn more with our Pages and Content Basics article on how to accomplish this. We make it very easy!

Easy Busy Pets provides free hosting which runs on Google infrastructure as part of your subscription. So all you have to do is register your domain with your favorite registrar. 

It's easy to setup and only takes a few minutes. Make sure to purchase your website address if you haven't done so already from one of the many registration sites (GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.).

Establishing your new website address

We begin with a sample site "Checkout Express Canada", created for the purposes of this training article:

Creating a new account on Easy Busy Pets also establishes a temporary website address until you replace it with your own:

We will be changing [yourbusinessname].ezbz.ca with your own website address in the next few steps. Specifically, in the example illustrated above, we will be changing: checkoutexpress.ezbz.ca to checkoutexpress.ca. Follow the next steps to transfer to any website address:

Login and enter the dashboard:

Click Website > Website Address:

This begins the handshake between your free Easy Busy Pets hosting, and the site where your website address has been registered:

  1. Enter your website address (domain name).
  2. Selecting the TXT record (or CNAME record)
  3. Click Add domain, to continue.

On the next screen, Easy Busy Pets generates a unique verification code for you to enter into your DNS settings on your domain registration side. 

Take note of the code starting with "google-site-verification...", save it to clipboard. 

Note: Do not click Verify button. That step is for later.

Verify your hosting

Login to your favorite website registrar.

In the example below, we use GoDaddy.com. If you haven't a website address yet, this would be a good time to purchase one. Most registrars have very similar user interfaces when it comes to setting up your DNS settings. 

Locate the page where you can manage the DNS of your website address:

Note: It is best practice to backup your current DNS settings (either print the screen or copy down on a piece of paper), just in case you want to revert your settings back to the way they were before.

Click ADD, and then

  1. Select TXT as the record type.
  2. Name to be set to @.
  3. TXT value should be set to that verification code, defined above. 

Some registrars have default records like the first two illustrated above. You can delete these as we will be replacing them.

Now that the verification code has been entered into your DNS settings on your registrar, you can click verify button on Easy Busy Pets, as illustrated below.

If successful, it will popup with "verification succeeded".

If not, give it a little while as it can take several hours to complete, and re-click the verify button again.

Configure your hosting ( DNS records )

On successful verification, Easy Busy Pets presents a screen with DNS records, as illustrated below. We've circled the values that will need to be copied over. 

Head over to your registrar's site, and fill out these details in the DNS settings, as illustrated below:

Add an A record as follows:

All the remaining settings for A, AAAA, and CNAME have been filled out in the screenshot below.

Important note: Not all registrars offer a space to enter AAAA records. You can ignore those if there's no option available. And some limit you to just one A record. You can pick the first one generated by Easy Busy Pets and enter it accordingly.

It might take a couple of hours; your website will begin to function. Head over to your Easy Busy Pets website address settings, and if you see checkmarks, your website should be fully online:

From now on, anyone and everyone logs into your domain (ex. checkoutexpress.ca) instead of the subdomain (ex. checkoutexpress.ezbz.ca:


Looking for a subdomain option? See the Adding the Client Portal to Your Website article.