The system will guide your pet owner clients to fill out their information as well as their pet details when they sign up or after you invite them to your services online.

You get to decide what they fill out, which forms apply, and what needs to be enforced before they can make an online booking.

To get to this step, a client uses their mobile, tablet or PC device to:

(1) Visit your website, and click to sign up or register.

(2) Visit your website, attempt to book one of your services. The system doesn't recognize them as an established customer, and they are redirected to the registration process first.

(3) Customers are invited by you, the manager, or one of your workers (the latter depending on their worker permissions). When the pet owner receives the invite, they are sent to the registration process.

(4) You create their profile and fill in some or all of the information, and then invite them. They fill out the rest.


Regardless of which path is taken, you receive a notification about a new client.

After a pet owner is on-boarded, they can download the web app. They see a quick video to learn how to establish your branded web app on their mobile device(s).