Easy Busy Pets is for small (1+ pet owner clients) to large pet businesses (10,000+).


This means you can take advantage of technology that is traditionally only available to larger businesses. 


Our worker pricing is already the industries' lowest.


We know our base price is a bit higher. Aside from Easy Busy Pets running on a more expensive tier from Google infrastructure (better up-time and security), we've spent more time on specific capabilities to help you grow. With all this research and development, we bring the right features we feel justifies the cost of the solution.


Features like:


  1. Social organic marketing - snap a pet photo or two and get advertised thanks to your pet owner's social network.
  2. Reviews of your business and your staff increasing the traffic to your business from the internet, and 
  3. Website Builder and free hosting so that your software is also your new website. This way your pet owners, staff and prospective visitors to the site do not leave the site to some external software when they need to book, or see their history of services with you, resulting in better SEO search ranking and a more cohesive online experience!

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