You can transfer data stored in a different software system or information you have stored electronically (ex. spreadsheet).

Customizing your profiles as well as any other digital forms that are important to you on Easy Busy Pets will ensure that all the client information you export from your previous solution will find its way to Easy Busy Pets, and in the right place! This is an important first step, because every system is different, and will house unique information, designed for their niche. Most of those software systems focus on one of three verticals: (1) Dog Walking and Sitting, (2) Grooming, (3) Boarding and Training. As Easy Busy Pets works for all pet care, our system easily customized to support the transfer of information from any of these tools.

Many pet businesses have hundreds (100's) or thousands (1000's) of pet owners and pets. Although we offer several fantastic ways to invite or create clients, it can take some time to do so individually, especially if you are looking to get started quickly! 

Data we can import typically includes client, pet and staff information. This includes custom fields. We can also import other documents. For security reasons, we cannot import credit card or ACH data.

If you have data that you would like to import, contact us.

Data Migration is Free

Easy Busy Pets does not charge anything for importing client, pet and staff information.