Any Easy Busy Pets website comes with the option to add an integrated Reviews widget. This widget is capable of sourcing local and external reviews. This article discusses how we access the Reviews widget to enable the sourcing of reviews on an external social network, specifically Facebook.

Login, find the page with your reviews widget, and edit the widget by clicking the gear (cog) button in the control options:

Next, select the link " > Marketing > Facebook Reviews" in the pop-up as illustrated below:

Finally, click button "Authorize Facebook" to start showing reviews that were submitted to your pet business Facebook account.

Also, should you need to undo the authorization, arriving at the same place will result in an option as illustrated below:

Pro Tip: Not all instances of your reviews widget need to have reviews from every source like Facebook. You can choose to have a page or Section listing the reviews that you've sourced using your website. Either way, follow the next instructions to enable or disable Facebook reviews from specific instances of your reviews.

After authorization, you will be permitted to enable the listing of reviews from Facebook on the widget(s) you have on your website. Specifically the setting pointed in the image below: