As Easy Busy Pets is a pet care business operations software, a marketing engine and a website builder all-in-one, we centralized branding features that apply to all applications!

Login to your account and select Look and feel in your dashboard, as illustrated below.

The example below illustrates a custom domain that has been setup.

Out of the box, we provide you with a free subdomain (ex. so that you can access your software on Easy Busy Pets. With this, you can have your Easy Busy Pets client portal on an external website. Alternatively, you can add a custom website on Easy Busy Pets so that you can enjoy the solution as an integrated part of your website ( without a separate client portal. 

The logo is used in many places in the software process including on your invoices to a pet owner customer.

The Site icon, also known as "favicon" (favorite icon) is the image that is replaced at the tab of every page on your website on Easy Busy Pets.

Meta Description for SEO

The remaining settings are important default entries aiding in your search engine optimization (SEO).

Your website page has tags: <meta name="description"...> and <meta name="keywords"...> that are not visible to the eye, but they are absolutely critical in your searchability because the information they contain aids in Google and other search engines deciding how to rank your website.

For example, searching for "easy busy pets" on Google results in an extra description as illustrated below: 

The description highlighted in the image above can be set in two places. The first one is in the Look & Feel page under the Website Description. Easy Busy Pets will place this description into the meta description tag of any of your pages.

Note: Some may have noticed the default website description content defined in the example settings above is not what comes up on the sample Google search. That is because the page was setup with a specific meta description that has overridden the default setting. If you choose not to add a meta description on a specific page, it would default to the website description you define in the Look and Feel settings. See the Configure Page SEO article to learn more.

Website Keywords

When a pet owner is searching for pet care services online, they enter a series of keywords. If you define relevant keywords that relate to your business website, then it may aid the search engine in connecting your services with what the pet owner is looking for.

Keywords are delimited by a comma "," when entered into the corresponding textbox.