The memberships feature is built on three pillars: Belonging, Scale and Simplicity. These are described below. You can skip to the end if you are looking for implementation instructions.


Clients have no trouble paying subscription fees when they feel like they belong to something valuable. A membership is the notion of belonging. It says nothing of cost or price, though most memberships end up having a subscription cost to them.

Whether a pet owner is a member for the day, week, month or year with additional discounts or exclusive access to specific services, the dynamic they are most aware of is the "insider" and "outsider" notion. Many memberships are exclusive.

Some memberships have tremendous benefits. Just being a member gets one access to other members – which may be the thing that is most valued.


A growing business will plateau without the right instrument to help scale operations.

Having little to no automation or maintaining a physical membership card is a diminishing return which cannot be ignored.

A pet owner might currently be paying you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly for your pet care services. You may need to control which or how many services can be covered, and if not unlimited, what would be the process in booking these in and accounting for pet care appointments financially.

A membership is no longer just for the customer! It operates online to automate your business model so that you can spend more time building your membership base.


A Membership ties into every activity of any user on the system. Simplicity means you don't have to take any extra steps to manage a membership in an environment where clients may or may not currently have a membership. 

No additional effort means when one is doing a booking, invoicing requires no extra steps. Automation takes away the need to check if the client has the right membership!

Results in lower administrative effort with automated renewals (less invoicing), special pricing for specific pet owners, tracking usage and performance of a membership per pet or per pet owner.

To get started, refer to the following articles: