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Create pages to build your site, then organize your pages in a navigation menu to help visitors explore. 

Any page can have a custom layout and include combinations of:

  • Standard content including text, images, buttons, videos, and maps.
  • Booking any pet care services
  • Electronic Forms (ex. Meet & Greet, Job Applications, Training Applications, etc.)
  • Reviews
  • Social Widgets and Feeds
  • Add To Cart for your products
  • Add To Cart for you packages and/or memberships
  • Blog, Chat bot, Knowledge Base, and
  • Script for truly so much more!

Get Started

The Website section of your dashboard is where you build your site's structure and navigation with pages:

  • Look & Feel - Establish your brand including primary colors, logo, favicon, tagline (SEO), default page meta description (SEO), default search keywords (SEO)
  • Website Pages
  • Navigation Menu
  • Website Address
  • Website Theme

All of the above are to be configured to your brand. 

Pages and Blocks

  • Two website builders for any page. One for PC and larger screens. A second for mobile and smaller screens.
  • Page Configuration Panel.

Organize Content

  • Text
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Button
  • Video
  • Map
  • Reviews
  • Group
  • Script 
  • Social
  • Forms

Search Engine Optimization


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