Integrated payment acceptance.

Your bank account is where your clients' payments go (minus fees).

Accept, refund and automate (Subscriptions) payments by credit card and debit card.

We maintain a secure connection between our backend provider's (Google Cloud) infrastructure and a large Payments Acceptance provider (Stripe) so that you do not need to maintain a merchant account, connect to a payment gateway or shoulder the burden of PCI compliance. 

There are many reasons to enable payments, like getting paid faster and more reliably, offering a convenient way to pay while on the go, for business book-keeping purposes, enabling and automating subscription-based services and memberships and selling products and packages online 24/7.

To learn more about connecting with Stripe in Easy Busy Pets, learn more here.

Credit card fees

The fee per credit card transaction varies by your Subscription type. Reach out to to get more info.

There are no merchant account, activation or verification fees, you pay per transaction, for Disputes and Chargebacks.

You can pass on credit card fees to clients. This surcharge can be automatically added when pet owners use the credit card for payment. 



Collected payments are transferred on a 7 day schedule. Accelerated payout schedule is available to businesses meeting certain criteria of risk and history.


Point of sale Terminal (POS)

If you are in the US, you can accept in-person payments using the BBPOS WisePOS E device from Stripe.

For more info about the device click on the device name. To see the product sheet from the device manufacturer click here

Transaction rates / fees are same as above.

Contact us at to find out the cost of the device and available accessories.

There is a monthly fee of $5 per active POS. An 'active POS' is a point of sale terminal that has at least one transaction in a calendar month. The fee will be charged to your credit card on 1st of each month for number of active payment terminals in previous calendar month.

As you are invoicing a client, instead of clicking on 'Pay' or 'Send' you will click on 'Send to POS', choose which one if you have more than one and client can tap or swipe to pay on the spot!

Receipts/invoices for payments made via POS are available via email.



If you purchased a Terminal and would like to return it reach out to . Returns must be initiated within 30 days of the order date, we will work with Stripe and provide you with a printable label that can be used to ship the device back.


Additional Fees 

International Card Fee:
A business in Canada can accept credit cards from outside of Canada for an additional 0.6% fee.
A business in US can accept credit cards from outside of US for an additional 1.5% fee.

Foreign Exchange Fee:
You can accept payments in many currencies. The Invoice's currency setting can be changed from default when creating an Invoice. A business in Canada can accept international funds (like US dollars) for an additional 2% fee.
A business in US can accept international funds (like Canadian dollars) for an additional 1% fee.

Dispute Fee: $15 regardless whether resolved in your favor.

Refunds: transaction fee is not refunded.