Manage your staff, supervisors, and 3rd party seasonal contractors with 50+ worker permissions. Every member of your team has access, and you get to decide how they can interact with the system, your customers and other members of your team! 

Start by going to Dashboard > Staff:


Note: Staff permissions feature is enabled when at least one staff member has been added. Please review the Adding A Staff Member article if you haven't done so.

If you have at least one staff member in your system, option to setup permissions will show in the left navigation bar:

Every worker added to your business will have a column. Below each staff member are 50+ permissions that can be enabled or disabled:

Permissions are subdivided into 6 Sections: Schedule, Billing, Pets, Text Messaging (SMS), Clients and Staff, and Website Builder.

Assigned Clients

One can assign a client to one or more workers in the system. This setting reveals itself when configuring permissions. For example, allow a worker to book assigned clients (perhaps within a geographic region, or special needs), instead of allowing said worker to be able to book any client. 

As your business continues to grow on Easy Busy Pets, standardized permission settings by role saves time onboarding new hires and with less risk thanks to the staff permissions feature!

Learn more about our staff permissions in this video:

[2020.12.12] Added permissions for specific staff to sent text messages (SMS) and MMS. Video doesn't cover this.

[2020.12.5] Added option for specific staff to make changes to your website.