Options to refund a paid bill show up when viewing said bill: Below we illustrate an example of a bill that received three partial payments (Credit Card, Cash and Cheque). We point out the three partial payments, and the corresponding options to refund the individual payments made to this bill:

Let's refund the third transaction where a VISA was charged for $6 = $5 [amount owing] + $1 [tipped]:

  • Amount - The dollar amount to refund (including the $1 gratuity). One can alternatively make this a partial refund (ex. $3).
  • Note - Include any reasoning or explanations for the refund here for your own records.

The bill (in this example, only partially refunded) shows the amount that was refunded in its summary. Below the invoice, Easy Busy Pets also documents the refund transaction in regards to the payment transaction that was refunded. 

Any Credit Card and ACH Transaction Fees are not entirely returned if you refund an invoice. Only our application fee of $0.20 is refunded.