My Review Link

We make it easy for your customers to leave a review, by offering several paths for them to take depending on their situation.

  1. When the pet service appointment is completed, the client receives your pet report which also asks them to leave you a review
  2. If notifications for appointment completion are turned off, the system will instead send an email to the client asking them to leave a review.
  3. You can trigger a request to leave a review from the appointment itself. The option falls under the star icon: 
  4. A link to a landing page to generate a review is readily available. This can help for out of band needs (outside of the software, or if you don't have an integrated website with Easy Busy Pets). To get the link, login, go to Dashboard > Marketing > Reviews > Settings and copy your unique reviews link as illustrated below: 

Requesting Reviews on Mass

Copy your link of the business review submission page into your favorite email campaigns tool for your next email campaign.

We also recommend adding it to your email signature.