Gratuity is requested by Easy Busy Pets when a bill is being paid for by the client. A bill can also be charged by the business as well. And clients can choose to add a tip at a later time, after they pay the invoice.

Pro Tip: Each service needs to be enabled to accept tips (it's not always appropriate to ask). The option is available to you when adding or updating a service in Easy Busy Pets.

All results in a tip report are based on a date range you select. Dates are when the tip was made.

Worker Tip Report

Employees can access their tip report using their worker login from any internet enabled device including their web app.

  1. If on a mobile phone (usually for workers in the field), enter the web app, or login to your account via desktop computer or tablet.
  2. Under My Account, select "Tips"
  3. Choose a date range, and a corresponding list of invoices will appear. These bills were partially or fully paid by a client that chose to include a tip.
  4. The corresponding tip amount to be paid out to the worker.

Workers do not see each others payroll or tips. Easy Busy Pets keeps such information confidential across the business, except for Managers who see everything as described next.

Manager Tip Reports

The manager or owner of the business has access to all workers' tip reports.

Start by entering your dashboard and selecting Staff.

Select Tips on the left navigation bar.


The resulting tips report will offer you real-time data based on a date range you select:

  1. Start date - The report will look back as far as this day to find any tips that were made (paid for by client).
  2. End date - This is the latest date to check for any tips that were made.
  3. Workers - An invoice might have many items based on appointments that were handled by different staff members. Each worker gets a part of the tip based on their contribution to the bill.
  4. Summary - At the bottom is a summary on total tips owing to each worker.
  5. Tips Export - Download your tips data to hook into external payroll tools.

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