The following takes you through the process of adding a photo on Easy Busy Pets appointments.

There is no limit to how many photos are added.

All workers (with permissions to do so) can add a picture to the appointment before it begins, while it's running or after it has been completed.

  • View your appointment (usually from your calendar). In the example below, two pets are being serviced in one appointment. Both pets belong to the one pet owner. Clicking on the corresponding camera icon:
    1. Add a photo and/or note for the pet owner, Stephanie. 
    2. Add a photo and/or note for her 1st pet, Button the Husky.
    3. Add a photo and/or note for her 2nd pet Hugo the Golden. 


  • A dialogue to add a picture / note will pop-up:
    1. Add your comment (if any). If you wish to only add photos, you can skip this step. 
    2. Take an instant photo of the pet. This feature applies to mobile devices with a camera. Note: This will not save the photo to your device as too much media will quickly fill up your drive.
    3. Photo library (or file system if on a PC) can be accessed to upload a photo. 

Note: You can also leave a comment without any photos, if you are looking to add a quick comment.

  • Finalize your picture / note:
    1. Can't wait to send this until the end? Check-off who should be notified about your note right away.
    2. Add the note to your appointment.

  • Picture has been added under the pet:

The pictures are an integral part of your daily operations. They are used as part of the pet owner report card when you check out of the appointment. Making great photos is critical to your success with:

  1. Text messaging your image (MMS) and
  2. Sharing on Facebook, as known as social organic marketing.