Easy Busy Pets is a major website builder specialized in pet care! Learn more from our Website Migration article.

If however, you already have a website, and are happy with it, we have included instructions on how to add an external link to your current website.

Start by going to Dashboard > Website > Look & Feel:


The top line, will indicate your subdomain / URL with Easy Busy Pets:

For example, if your business link provided within the circled image above was "https://yourpetbusinessurl.ezbz.ca", here are the first links you can put on your website:

  • https://yourpetbusinessurl.ezbz.ca/login - For you, your workers and pet owners to login
  • https://yourpetbusinessurl.ezbz.ca/signup - For new pet owners to sign up / register
  • https://yourpetbusinessurl.ezbz.ca/services - For you, your workers and pet owners to be directed to services for booking of services.

Then visit your website builder, create the "login", "signup" and "book now" button (or text or image) links in an appropriate place on your site. Then set their URL's accordingly.