Aside from hourly time sheets, the payroll feature is an excellent way to keep track of payouts by worker.

First you need to add a service, and add staff members on your dashboard that are capable (can be booked) for this service.

On configuring a service, the option to set the Payroll is near the end as illustrated below:

  1. Enable payroll - it is off by default.
  2. Click the "Add staff rule" button, and search for one of your staff members.

The payroll report can be found in dashboard > staff > payroll.

It produces results for each of your workers based on their activities. The details include every service they ran and the corresponding payout calculation. The system shows results for Services that have been enabled for payroll and have defined rates for the respective workers as illustrated below.

If a staff member isn't set with a payout calculation for this service, the default payout "All staff" will be applied.

Payout options:

  • Fixed amount - Is a nominal pay (ex. $18) that you would pay the worker for running the job.
  • Percent of total price - Entering 65 (ex. 65%) results in a payout = [ 0.65 x sub-total of the payment from the client ].