Every service or product created on Easy Busy Pets has an option to be set to a unique Tax when being invoiced. Tax options are based on the following configuration steps:

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Under the "Billing", select Taxes to enter the settings window

If you don't see the tax that you need to be applied to one or more Services, click "+Add a tax rate":


Enter the Title of your Tax. In the example below, we named it after the Service Taxes in New York City.

Important: We support up to three (3) decimal places for the tax rate calculation, which is a necessary feature in some States, including NYC.


The resulting list of Tax Rates increases to three options. When creating or making changes to a Service, the new Tax Rate will be an option to be applied.

Tips aren't taxed. If you have an invoice, the tax amount is calculated on the total that does not include the tip.