When adding or making updates to your services, time labels are usually selected by businesses that have varying, inconsistent or in need of more descriptive start (and end) times. We don't want time options to be misunderstood from a pet owner's booking view!

This article is focused on the functionality of the time label settings. See Service Availability Start Times article for the traditional Start Time method.

When you create a service, it will most likely list the default time options initialized to your business hours settings. In the example below, there are no times set for Sundays and Saturdays, indicating that the Service is not available on those days while on weekdays, the time options for the pet owner will be limited to "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening" and "Night" respectively. Let us update the time options for Monday by clicking the cog icon as illustrated below:

Clicking on the cog expands Monday for start time configuration. Click the "+" icon to add the new time label:

  1. Next, we setup the Label, which is the new option the pet owner will see when they make a booking selection.
  2. Finally we setup what this time option truly means to the manager from a scheduling perspective.

When a pet owner books this Service, they will see the changes for Monday as follows: