Collect custom information about the pets (size, hair length, etc.) and let the system use that information to automate calculating price and duration of appointments.

Customize the Pet form by going to Clients > Forms:


You can add 3 types of fields that can be used to automate booking: Drop-down list, Checkbox (yes/no), Multiple choice:


Once you add, for example a Multiple Choice field, you can set the options:


The pet form is now setup to collect this information, now you need to update a Service and set the actual rates and durations. Find the service by going to Services and click on Edit for that specific service (or you can add a new service). Scroll near the bottom of the form to see the Smart Fields button:


Select the smart field (you can select up to 4 smart fields) and set the values. In case you leave values empty the default service duration and rate will be used.

Save the service.

During booking the duration and rate will be applied automatically based on Pet form settings.