Scheduled appointments can be viewed under many lenses depending on your situation (ex. if you are working in the field visiting a home, or on site at a facility). Each view, as illustrated below can bring new benefits. 

Color Scheme: 

  • Yellow - Booking requests from clients
  • Grey - Accepted bookings
  • Blue - In progress appointments (after you check-in)
  • Green - Completed appointments (or after you check-out)

Day Calendar View

Used by grooming salons with a team of professionals and staff. Each column illustrates the schedule of a specific worker for the day and gives a great perspective on the duration of tasks or appointments. Each appointment can be drag and dropped to a new time and / or a completely different worker as discussed in the Drag and Drop Scheduling article.

Agenda Calendar View

Pet sitters and dog walkers love this option, running the agenda off the web app, giving them the flexibility of staying in the view with actions like check-in/out and picture notes.

Weekly Calendar View

Management usually reverts to this view because it naturally divides the data by workers to give a more 360 degree view of how the week is operating.

Pro Tip: You can select and copy a combination of appointments, and trigger them to repeat the same way each week for a extended period of time.


5 Days Calendar View

Similar to weekly, but stretching over a five day period giving a little more space to view content.

Monthly Calendar View

Trainers love to implement their public classes that repeat weekly for several months. 


Rooms Calendar View

For accounting kennel runs, daycare playrooms and other physical spaces, it enables one to keep track of capacity and availability in the kennel, resort and daycare industries.


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