Important note: Each software system has its unique structure and data formatting. Your Easy Busy Pets account shall be tailored to seamlessly accommodate the data currently stored in your previous system(s). Mass data import is one of the last steps because the data should only be imported after the necessary custom fields and custom forms are established in your account so that there's a place to put all your old data.

Mass Data import is a service included in your Easy Busy Pets onboarding. It is totally optional: If you wish to manage the migration of your data on a client by client basis (i.e. one record at a time), please review the article on how to add clients to get started.

If you're transitioning from another software, you should be able to get an export of client data into .csv or .xls file format. This serves as the foundation for our 2-step migration process.

  • Together we meticulously clean and import your client and pet data files into your new account on Easy Busy Pets. Example file pair in Excel (.xls) format:


  • Subsequently, we (optionally) initiate a mass invitation process, guiding your clients to your new pet portal with the information that has been imported. If there's information missing, clients will be guided to fill those gaps in their information. This approach significantly saves you valuable time. If you're interested in taking this popular step, please contact your Easy Busy Pets rep, or email us at to get started.