Videos of pets can be saved online during your pet care appointment. This process can be accomplished using any internet-enabled device. If you are using a mobile phone, as illustrated below, you will also find options for the camera which in turn will provide the native options to capture your video.

Please note that when using the camera, the web app will not save the video in your photo library to help conserve space on your device.

As long as you have access to an appointment, options are provided to select or take videos to be shared with the pet owner client.

For instance, in the agenda view of appointments, there is an action to add media:

  1. Select the Action drop-down, and

  2. Choose "Add Note."

Click the "Upload Video" button in the next screenshot. If you saved a couple of quick videos earlier in the day, you can select "Photo Library" to upload to the appointment at this time.

Select "Take Video" to access the camera for real-time upload of videos to the appointment.

Above the video-sharing option, you will notice a corresponding feature for sharing photos.

The process for saving and sharing videos mirrors that of photos, with steps identical to those outlined in our comprehensive guide on saving and sharing photos.

The following video summarizes the instructions mentioned above: