Now that you have defined all your products, their variants, and added them to your inventory, it's time to focus on managing your inventory to foster growth in your retail and online eCommerce operations for your pet care business.

You can leverage the following features:

1. Centralized Inventory: Easily access and monitor your inventory across all products from one location.

2. Real-time Stock Synchronization: Ensures that your inventory is automatically updated in real-time across all sales channels. Whether it's your online store or point of sale (POS) your inventory remains accurate and up to date. 

3. Streamlined Variant and SKU Management: Assign unique SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) to each variant for precise inventory tracking.

4. Smart Inventory Controls: System will warn the manager and staff while preventing the pet owner client from purchasing products that aren't currently in stock.

5. Barcode Integration: Simplify inventory tracking by generating barcodes for your products. Then effortlessly scan and manage inventory using barcode scanners or mobile devices.

By familiarizing yourself with product and variant creation and harnessing the power of Easy Busy Pets centralized inventory management system, you can effectively track, update, and optimize your product inventory, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across all channels.