Many pet owners want the same pet services repeating every week, while others need them every two weeks, three weeks or monthly. Automating ongoing appointments means pet owners do not have to book specific appointments years out in attempt to keep things organized.

Ongoing appointments feature is a simple way for pets to be booked once and not having to worry about it again. 

Ongoing Appointment Bookings

Pet owners, managers and staff (those with the right permissions) can all book an ongoing appointment.

Manager and Staff

Start booking a service. Click on "Several / Ongoing" to enable Repeating appointments.

Next you have the option of choose the ongoing repeating rule (ex. Weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays):

  1. Enable the "Ongoing" checkbox to indicate that the appointments being booked are to be repeated on an ongoing basis.

  2. Specify the start date for the ongoing appointments. The Ongoing appointments will keep going from the start date until they are stopped from repeating. See below for details on how to stop ongoing appointments.

  3. Select the frequency at which appointments are repeated. Options include Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every 3 weeks, and Monthly. Setting it to "Weekly" is the simplest scenario.

  4. Choose which days of the week will have an appointment/visit.

  5. Set the times for each appointment/visit for the week.

The 2 (Two) Month Time Window 

Ongoing appointments are Scheduled for the next two months from today. The system automatically keeps scheduling them so at any point in time, there are 2 months worth of appointments booked in the system.

Worker Schedule Availability 

After the initial two months, the system will not use the ongoing availability check as it automatically renews appointments.

How to Cancel Ongoing Appointments

To stop an ongoing appointment from continuing delete that appointment and check the "Remove rule", as shown below.

Generating Invoices Automatically

With auto-invoicing or memberships, invoicing for appointments (ahead of time, or in the past) can be a smoothly running automated system for your pet care business.